Edge protector | 400 mm | orange

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Edge protector | 400 mm | orange

Rothschenk edge protectors are characterized by their robust double chamber construction. They are used to protect palletized goods during load securing by means of lashing straps. The hollow chamber design makes it both stable and particularly light. The pretensioning forces of the attached lashing straps are transferred away from the edge, evenly onto the surface. Thus, the robust plastic angle (PE) protects both the goods and the lashing straps from damage.

The large leg length of 190 x 190 mm and the extremely robust construction as a double-webbed sheet make the edge protection angle orange one of the most durable on the market.
It is universally applicable, extremely dimensionally stable, break-resistant and cold-resistant. The angle is particularly suitable for securing loads of building materials, such as roof tiles, bricks, precast concrete parts or soft packaging such as bagged goods, octabins, big bags and much more. Edge protectors are also used for shipping large, heavy packages and air freight.

  • Material: plastic (PE)
  • Double-webbed sheet/ Twin-wall sheet 19 mm
  • Leg lengths: 190 x 190 x 19 mm
  • Color: orange


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