Building material transport - Special Y-COVER | Rothschenk individual solutions

(R) Special Y Cover

With our (R) Special Y Cover hold down plane can secure soft packages like insulating materials without the lashing strap denting the goods. The plane is available in two different sizes for one or two pallets.

Material: PP/PET/Steel


  • 1200mm x 1200mm + overhanding lashings
  • 1200mm x 2300mm + overhanding lashings
  • minimal load/breaking load: 1000 daN/ 2000daN

(R) Special Wind Power

Our covers for wind turbines. Slipcovers, for example for covering sensitive nozzles. Always suitable to any components of the equipment., like gondolas, rotor nabs und tower elements. Made to measure to your requirements. High quality level in material selection and processing.

(R) Special Wind Power is a Rothschenk product with extra high added value. Shelter against dust and the weather while loading, transporting and storaging. Positive sideeffects at the air resistence while transporting the goods. A visually appealing image as a basis for the reinstatement value and integrity of your product. High advertising effectiveness by optional printing on demand.

Manufacture induvidually on your requirements.

Cover for the transport of wind turbine modules | Rothschenk Individual Solutions


When filling fats, oils and adhesives into drums, the same problem always arises at the destination: complete emptying is not possible and the drums are no longer suitable for a second use. This makes no sense either financially or in terms of sustainability. Therefore, the use of a round bottom bag before filling is a [...]

Special Solutions - Locking Pads

Sealing a whole on the construction area? That takes just a second with our (R) Pro Line Classified Bags. Each shape and measurement is possible. Robust, tight and and, thank's to the multi-way valve, reusable anytime.

Special Solutions - Steel Coil Securement

Rolled steel coils in particular tend to stretch from their original round shape into an oval due to their high dead weight - This is why we have developed the (R) Pro Line steel coil securing for your load securing! Because it prevents exactly this effect in the core of the coil. Applications for steel coil restraints: In the production of a steel coil, the metal [...]

Special Solutions - Agricultural sector

We are innovative problem solvers for many industries. This extends to the field of agriculture, where, for example, large areas have to be covered or handrails (e.g. for silos) have to be designed flexibly. Applications for agriculture: In agriculture, there are many areas of application for which Rothschenk has developed innovative special solutions. Clever applications would be, for example, a handrail [...]

Special solutions - frame tarpaulin/cover hoods

Our (R) rack tarpaulin for load securing is used in the production and shipping of, for example, extruded profiles. The solution, which is optimized for fast application, prevents individual profiles from slipping out in factory and delivery traffic. Applications for rack tarpaulins: We have developed a special solution especially for the metal industry. For the transport of long profiles we have developed together [...]

Special Solution - Siri

Instead of using individual dunnage pads for load securing, Rothschenk has combined them into one product in the form of a saddle bag. (R) Pro Line SiRi solves the problem of all-round support of the goods to the Euro pallet. Application of safety ring "SIRI": Rothschenk SIRI has been developed to fill any underhang between the goods and the Euro pallet. Without SIRI, the goods would be placed on [...] Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Special Solution - Pipe Cover

The (R) pipe fuse was developed to protect pipe ends against contamination. It is fitted precisely without additional aids and seals against environmental influences. (R) pipe protection is available in all sizes. Application of a pipe fuse: Both in the production process and during subsequent shipping, it may be necessary to protect the inside of a pipe from contamination or damage. [...]

Special Solutions - Permanent Installation in trucks

(R) Truck fixed installations for load securing are a clever idea for recurring loading situations. For this almost fully automatic stowage cushion system, we work together with renowned body manufacturers. Application of truck fixed installations: Rothschenk truck fixed installations for load securing are as ingenious as they are easy to use. A device with stowage pads is installed in the truck, which is secured by [...]

Special Solutions - Canister Securement

The (R) canister securing system is particularly popular for internal plant or delivery traffic. Thanks to its special design, the system can be continuously adapted to the container size and individual canisters can also be removed without any problems. Application of canister securing systems: Canister securing systems are used in internal plant transport or also in short-distance operation for delivery by dealers. For this purpose we have [...]

Special Solutions - Wind Power

Expensive components must also be specially protected during transport - That is why we have developed special covers for wind turbines that protect the expensive components from the effects of the weather. What may we develop for you? Application of wind power protection: Large and expensive assemblies, for example wind turbines, require special protection during transport. Since these are often only transported in individual parts in a costly [...]

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