(R) Special Y Cover

With our (R) Special Y Cover hold down plane can secure soft packages like insulating materials without the lashing strap denting the goods. The plane is available in two different sizes for one or two pallets.

Material: PP/PET/Steel


  • 1200mm x 1200mm + overhanding lashings
  • 1200mm x 2300mm + overhanding lashings
  • minimal load/breaking load: 1000 daN/ 2000daN

(R) Special Wind Power

Our covers for wind turbines. Slipcovers, for example for covering sensitive nozzles. Always suitable to any components of the equipment., like gondolas, rotor nabs und tower elements. Made to measure to your requirements. High quality level in material selection and processing.

(R) Special Wind Power is a Rothschenk product with extra high added value. Shelter against dust and the weather while loading, transporting and storaging. Positive sideeffects at the air resistence while transporting the goods. A visually appealing image as a basis for the reinstatement value and integrity of your product. High advertising effectiveness by optional printing on demand.

Manufacture induvidually on your requirements.

Special Solutions - Locking Pads

Sealing a whole on the construction area? That takes just a second with our (R) Pro Line Classified Bags. Each shape and measurement is possible. Robust, tight and and, thank's to the multi-way valve, reusable anytime.

Special Solutions - Steel Coil Securement

Especially rolled steel coils tend to be deformed due to their own high weight from their original round shape into an oval shape. (R) Pro Line Steel Coils avoid this effect by being installed in the core of the coil. Usage in the steel coil securement: With the production of a steel coil the metal industry faces the challenge to avoid its deformation.....

Special Solutions - Agricultural sector

We are a innovative problem solver for any industry. We also secure agricultural transports that need to be covered widespreadly or handrails constructed flexibly. Application for the Agriculture: There are numerous application areas in the agricultural industry where Rothschenk has already developed special solutions. Clever applications would be a handrail for silos, which consists of a lashing and is tightened with a ratchet, providing a flexible fall protection that can be montaged on the posts of the silo's wall.

Special Solution - Speedchair

(R) Speedchair is a trendy suplement for pallet furniture with astoundingly sencefull functions. Watertight, cousy, small and easy to stow. With a notable coolness factor, ideal for parties, festivals and events.

Special Solutions - Pool Bags

Anyone owning a pool knows this problem. In spring, the cover is difficult the remove - not to forget about the dirt of the previous months. With (R) Pool Bags, the cover is vaulted and avoids this annoyance.

Special Solutions - Rack Tarp

(R) Rack Plane is made use of when producing and transporting extruded profiles. Optimized on rapid application, the rack plane prevents single profiles in transport for own account and delivery.

Special Solution - Siri

(R) Pro Line SiRi solves the universal problem of under-hanging goods on the euro-pallet. Instead of using single dunnage bags, Rothschenk developed them to one product in the shape of a saddle bag.

Special Solution - Pipe Cover

The (R) Tube Cover was developed for protecting tubes from pollution. The cover is simply wrapped over the tube without any supplies and protects it from environmental influences. (R) Tube Cover is available in any sizes.

Special Solutions - Permanent Installation in trucks

(R) Permanent Installation in trucks and transporters are similar. Always when the load situation is constantly repeating, a fixed installation of dunnage bags is apropriate. These are filled and deflated over an own automatic pressure air system. Application of Permanent Installations: On the image above, you see an example of the application for permanent installations of wheels. Since the same goods are tranported every day, it is not necessary to cotemplate the load situation every time.

Special Solutions - Canister Securement

Especially in internal transport for own account or delivery transport, canister securement is used. Due to its special construction, this system is adaptable on the size of the container steplessly and the unloading of single canister is no problem.

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