Take a break – but in style, please

From an HR press release: “Employee retention is an area of responsibility of Human Resources, the aim of which is to retain employees in the company in the medium and long term.”

At Rothschenk, we take a more human approach. We would say: the team has to feel comfortable and that’s where the eye feels too 😉.

For this reason, we have consistently worked on creating appealing quiet zones, creative meeting rooms and a modern seminar room. The latest project was the refurbishment of the break rooms for production and administration staff.

In order to create a feel-good atmosphere and at the same time establish a regional connection to our beautiful Franconian region, the wall design was inspired by the surroundings of our agricultural homeland.

If you like, you can also discover our particularly sustainable commitment to environmental protection in the selected wheat fields, or you can simply enjoy the warm colors and depth of the wall illustration.

Benefits for our employees

New in our break rooms:

  • Warm (Franconian) colors for a sunny mood
  • Comfortable seating for relaxing
  • Plenty of space for collegial discussions, even in large groups
  • Bright LED lighting with daylight technology

Meetings in a pleasant environment:

  • Sitting and standing options for ergonomic working
  • State-of-the-art office equipment and means of communication
  • Rooms of different sizes for individual team meetings
  • Bright, friendly and air-conditioned – so that meetings are also fun in summer

Chill zone or short MeetUp:

  • Off to the sofa – not meant negatively for us 😉
  • Ideal for short spontaneous meetings or a short break at lunchtime
  • We also like to use the seating areas for video conferences…
  • …and of course as a candy store

Rothschenk assortment

4 good reasons for Rothschenk


Our customer center has only one goal: to turn your problems into solutions. Whether standard stowage cushions, bestsellers or load securing personally tailored to your needs -. we accompany you consistently from A as in field service to Z as in certification. That is our promise to you, as a leader in our industry.


We attach great importance to professional cargo securing. That is why we have our own production, which ensures reliable operation through modern manufacturing technologies and strict quality control. Thus, we offer our customers a comprehensive and high-quality range of services in the field of transport logistics.


DIN ISO 9001:2015, EMAS and Ecovadis are not foreign words to you? Then it's time to work with the best.
You don't take any risks with us - we have been awarded the Platinum Medal on the EcoVadis sustainability rating platform.


As a load securement company, we are proud to have several certifications that validate our sustainability efforts and our commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility. For you as a purchaser, this means that we demand and promote the implementation of high environmental and social standards both within the company and along the supply chain.

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