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The [R] Academy offers different types of lessons.

The videos in our seminars provide you with the relevant learning content for correct load securing on the truck. Certified instructors and experts from the field explain legal and physical basics and the correct use of load securing equipment to you in a clear manner. In addition, as a decision-maker, loading personnel or professional driver, you will receive valuable tips from practical experience.

In addition, you can combine our videos with a live chat lesson. Or you can book our [R] academy experts for individual training at your location.

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Who buys a pig in a poke? We give you in this Trailer an insight into the learning content of our seminars on securing loads in trucks.

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Have you decided on our webinars? A good choice. After placing your order, you will receive an email from us with your access data. This gives you full access to the 9 themed videos for 30 days. Access is possible as often as required during this period. We thus offer you maximum freedom in terms of time.

Wenn Sie zusätzliche Fragen haben und Wert auf ein Zertifikat legen, empfehlen wir Ihnen das Webinar „PLUS“ mit einer Live-Schulung. Wie beim Grundwebinar erhalten Sie vollen Zugriff auf die Lern-Videos. „On top“ wird unser Dozent mit Ihnen einen für Sie passenden Termin vereinbaren (bitte planen Sie einen Vorlauf von ca. 14 Tagen ein), bei dem Sie in einer Live-Session (1,5 h) Fragen und Besonderheiten Ihres Verladealltags erörtern können. Das Zertifikat erhalten Sie automatisiert nach beendeter Live-Schulung.

Do you love maximum service? Then book an individual appointment with our lecturer. He will hold a seminar specially tailored to your company on site. You determine the time, place and content.

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Commissioned employees in companies who, according to DGUV regulation 1 §4, must receive training once a year. e.g .:
    • Decision maker (master shipper)
    • Loading staff (forklift drivers)
    • Professional drivers
  • Webinar
    • You can watch the videos as often as you like within 30 days of purchase
  • Webinar Plus
    • You can watch the videos as often as you like within 30 days of purchase
    • Plus: 1.5 hours of live training with our instructor
  • Face-to-face training (German)
    • 1 day at your location (approx. 8 hours), individually agreed appointment

Nachdem Sie alle Videos gesehen haben, bzw. nach der entsprechenden Live-Schulung durch unseren Dozenten, erhalten Sie von uns – pro gebuchten Teilnehmer – ein entsprechendes Zertifikat nach DGUV Vorschrift 1 §4.

Why choose the online training from ROTHSCHENK?

The world is becoming more digital. This also has tangible advantages. Our online courses combine several of them:

  • No travel costs for your staff
  • No hotel costs for your employees
  • Timely flexible learning units that are right for you
  • No expensive technical equipment necessary

One of the most common causes of accidents in road traffic is inadequately secured cargo. Accident statistics show that every fiftheder fünfte accident in heavy goods traffic can be traced back to inadequate Load Securement (accident researchers at insurance companies, as of 2016).

DGUV regulation 1 §4

Diese Vorschrift regelt die Pflicht der jährlichen Unterweisung des mit Ladungssicherung beauftragten Personals. Die Verantwortung und damit die Haftung kann ohne diese Unterweisung nicht nach „unten“ deligiert werden.

There are also good reasons for this: When securing loads, even small errors can lead to significant financial losses as well as to the goods. This goes right up to personal injury. As you can see: Transport security is an important issue, also in everyday life.

In our seminars, we teach entrepreneurs, managing directors, loading masters and shippers, or forklift drivers, the basics of driving physics, lashing force calculation and the correct stowing and securing of cargo.

The [R] academy seminars cover the following areas: truck load securement, load securement for small vans and road vehicles in general.

You determine the virtual classroom. When you want and how you want.

  • familiar environment in your training rooms
  • optionally combined with a live lecturer course
  • efficient training also for individual employees

Virtual + human = [R] Academy

We accompany you as a real partner from booking to technical questions. Our coaches are close to the practice and at the latest during the live part (optional) we will be happy to answer all your questions about load securement for professionals.

Zum Nachweis der nach DGUV Vorschrift 1 §4 geforderten Unterweisung, erhalten Sie pro Teilnehmer von uns ein Zertifikat (Online-Kurs „plus“ und Präsenzschulung). Damit erfüllen Sie die gesetzliche Pflicht, beauftragte Mitarbeiter im Unternehmen einmal jährlich in der korrekten Ladungssicherung zu schulen.

Unsere Dozenten sind immer am Puls der Zeit. Gibt es Änderungen in der Rechtslage, oder neue Innovationen in der Ladungssicherung, erhalten Sie die Informationen aus erster Hand. Als einziger echter Hersteller mit „Made in Germany“ fließt unsere Neuentwicklungen auch immer direkt in die Schulungen mit ein. Zudem sind unsere Referenten rechtlich konsequent auf dem neuesten Stand.

Consistently practical. That was the ultimate goal when shooting our training videos.

In the theoretical area, you will receive useful tips for day-to-day loading, physical basics and the legal basics.

Enriched with practical videos directly on the truck and container, test scenarios from our test laboratories and dynamic driving tests, theory becomes tangible practice for you.

Ladungssicherung Schulungen