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Suitable products for your truck loading

Lashing straps - lashing strap reel

You can keep winding lashing strap tediously by hand or safe time and work by using a lashing strap reel. This is mounted easily on the truck and is used with a crank handle. Application of lashing strap reels: Every truck driver knows the problem: After unloading the goods all the lashing straps must be tediously rolled up by hand.

Lashing Strap - Guspako long lever

You could leave it up to the users feeling to tighten the lashing strap with the right tension. Or you use the Guspako long lever with torque. Rothschenks version has also an additional innovative anti-slip device. Application of the Guspako long lever: Lashing straps by hand is a common practice, but strictly speaking no.......

Lashing straps - Ergo long lever pull ratchet

In contrast to conventional pressure ratchets, a longer lever is used for the so-called "Ergo" ratchet, which reduced the required forces. Additionally, you work with "tractive" instead with "pressure". Application of long lever ratchet Ergo: Small details often makes the everyday life easier. One useful tool is our "Ergo" long lever ratchet. With its extended lever handle, the required hand force of [...]

Anti-slip mats

Anti-slip rubber is recommended as an affordable and therefore comparatively very efficient device for loading security in container and truck transport. Application of anti-slip mats: Anti-slip rubber is recommended as an affordable and therefore comparatively very efficient device for loading securement in container and truck transport. Because of the rubber the friction coefficient between the load and the pallet ....

edge protection - plastic double-chambered

Baustoffe stecken so einiges weg. Unsere Doppelkammer Kunststoffwinkel stehen dem in nichts nach. Leicht im Aufbau, wurden diese maximal robust konstruiert und sind in Standardlängen, sowie auf Maß erhältlich. Anwendung von Kunststoffwinkel Doppelkammer: Baustoffe zu transportieren ist eine besondere Herausforderung in der Ladungssicherung. Schwere Gewichte treffen auf raue Oberflächen und oftmals freie Bewitterung. Die dafür [...]

Dunnage bag – Bag Red Line 3D

For gaps over 400mm conventional dunnage bags are not sufficient enough. The special 3D construction has a significant higher supporting surface for the goods and is perfect to secure loadings with gaps up to 800mm. Application of 3D dunnage bags: With the conventional dunnage bags you can reliably secure gaps up to 400mm. For everything above we recommend....

Dunnage bag – Bag Red Line

(R) Red Line dunnage bags are the price-performance-winner among our dunnage bags. Optimized materials combined with a level 1 strength and an AAR-certification makes it a first-choice product. Application of dunnage bags: Standard Dunnage Bags (R) Red Line are both efficient and inexpensive. With a level 1 certifications and approval.....

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