Red Line – 1,200 x 2,400 mm


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Red Line – 1,200 x 2,400 mm

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Diese [R] Red Line Staupolster haben die Abmessung 1.200 x 2.400 mm und sind flexibel befüllbar bis zu einer Breite von 400 mm (für größere Lücken : (R) Red Line 3D) Die Abmessungen wurden ideal auf Europaletten abgestimmt. [R] Red Line Stausäcke erfüllen die beiden wichtigsten Kirterien in der Ladungssicherung: Absolute Zuverlässigkeit beim Transport um Schäden zu vermeiden und einen günstigen Anschaffungspreis (video for a closer look at our Red Line test laboratory).

The best dunnage bag cannot achieve its performance if the filling technology is incorrect. Rothschenk has developed numerous tools for this purpose (rapid filling gun with compressed air connection) in order to be able to fill the dunnage bags with the desired pressure within a very short time. We are happy to recommend the mobile battery blower with battery drive for maximum freedom of movement at the loading ramp. In particular, the safety during loading increases because there are no annoying compressed air hoses in the way. Different adapter attachments with quick-release fastener, flexible hose, 90 ° angle or 360 ° freewheel make things much easier for loading personnel. Just talk to us about it, or take a look at the filling technology brochure.


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