What kind of damage should a truck be rejected for before loading?

In principle, vehicles must comply with the technical regulations /TÜV) and be both operationally and roadworthy. This also applies to load-bearing components such as the vehicle frame, the loading area or the front or side walls of a truck. Possible reasons for the rejection of a truck can be:

  • massive damage/deformation on the frame of the loading area
  • rusted through perforated strip
  • Damage to the tractor e.g. lights
  • Damage / cracks on the tires
  • worn tires
  • Structurally impermissible modifications to the frame of the superstructure
  • Defects on the ship's side e.g. defective ship's side hinges
  • Cracks on the frame of the superstructure
Documentation with pictures and concrete case studies can be found in our detailed technical article: "Episode 30: Damage to the Truck - When Should You Refuse a Load?"
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