What do the abbreviations MSL and LC mean?

Both abbreviations are described in the 2015 CTU Code. MSL stands for "Maximum Securing Load" or operational strength and LC for "Lashing Capacity" or lashing force.

The MSL corresponds to the LC. The abbreviation MSL is mostly used in maritime transport, the abbreviation LC is rather used in land transport.

The abbreviations stand for load values on securing equipment which must not be exceeded when used in load securing. The breaking load, i.e. the load at which the load securing equipment fails, is the basis for both specifications. The CTU Code defines precisely when the MSL/LC is reached in proportion to the breaking load. A safety factor of approx. 33-75% (depending on the lashing equipment) is included.

A more detailed list and exact values can be found in our technical article: "Episode 26: MSL and LC - Abbreviations with meaning".
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