What is container lashing and how do you apply it?

Container restraint systems, so-called Lashings are designed to transfer the acceleration forces via the webbing belts in a targeted manner and almost completely into the body of the overseas container. They are faster and much more flexible in use than conventional systems such as wooden bracing.
The container eyelets are fitted with pointed hooks (with a safety catch) to which vertically flexible adjustable straps are sewn. Depending on the cargo, a different number of horizontal straps are attached, which are closed in front of the goods (with a belt buckle) and keep them away from the container doors.
It is important that these systems are certified and thus, for example, CTU Code compliant. Only then is reliable load securing in accordance with the loading scheme ensured. We explain more details in our technical article: "Episode 16: Lashings and their application". with Sigurd Ehringer.
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