Major fire (exercise) at Rothschenk!

Aub. On 10.10.2018 at 7.15 p.m., everything was different. A major fire at the Rothschenk plastics processing company(dunnage bags, lashings for load securing) in Aub triggered an operation by the local fire departments. However, the employees who met at the assembly point were quickly given the all-clear. It was an exercise involving the fire departments from Aub, Baldersheim, Oellingen, Gelchsheim, Sonderhofen and Burgerroth. The exact procedure was coordinated with the management in advance.

This gave the fire departments the opportunity to review rehearsed procedures, use technology and equipment and gain experience under real-life conditions. The Rothschenk company was happy to make its premises available for this purpose, as knowledge of the location can save valuable time for the fire department in the event of a fire.

An initial conclusion was that the various fire departments worked together reliably and efficiently in all areas. Rescuing casualties, localizing the source of the fire and fighting it, and even counting the number of employees were all carried out in a very short time.

Important conclusions regarding detailed improvements will now be analyzed afterwards and integrated into the processes accordingly.

We would like to thank all the fire departments, paramedics, first responders, water rescue services, “victims” and everyone else involved for their excellent cooperation. There was already a small thank you after the fire drill: the drink.

The following are impressions of the outstanding work of the surrounding fire departments…

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