About us


About us.

Experience and quality. Load securement. With system.

Since 1996 we are developing high-quality load securement. With innovative products and an own research and development department we gained an excellent reputation in the sector. Whether daily or individual requirements, we answer every customers question and also accompany you from the conception to the final certificated product specialized for your needs.

We still supply genuine "Made in Germany" and place great emphasis on sustainability in our processes. Of course, we are certified as a company according to ISO 9001:2015.


You have a problem. We find the solution.

In the Rothschenk development department, load securing experts with many years of experience work on Special solutions. Creativity in planning, precision craftsmanship, unbeatable solution competence. This is where the patterns for our standard products are created, which have proven themselves thousands of times over in everyday use.

However, the favorite task of our developers is the individual requirement. Unusual load, difficult transport conditions. In the special discipline "Can't be done? doesn't exist!", Rothschenk's record is impeccable to this day. We are a little proud of that. In the big world of transport tasks, new challenges in load securing arise every day. We want to solve them with quality. Preferably all of them.


Our claim. 100% Perfection.

Our range of load securing products is diverse. At the same time also unique. Just like your products or your transport. But this range is only part of what we can do to secure your load effectively. Because sometimes, we have learned, there are transports that call for a systematic load securing solution that goes beyond the application of ready-made Standard products goes far beyond.

The decades of experience in dealing with constantly changing challenges that we have had the privilege of mastering with our customers have taught us something else: We love our work. That's why we do it well. And that's where the quality comes from.


We make you fit.

We solely manufacture best materials with maximum demand on highest quality. However, high-quality load securement materials are just one half of a secured way of your goods to their destination. The other half is made by you or your employees in your everyday transport business

Rothschenk Academy teaches all the learning components you need for that. Legal position, accountability, physical principles, techniques and application.

Why don't you just visit one of our seminars for systematic load securement or one of our practically oriented workshops?



Made in Germany.

Continuity and down-to-earthness are important cornerstones of the Rothschenk corporate philosophy. Both pay into our quality standards every day. And that of our customers. For example, we produce our dunnage and restraint systems in Germany. In exactly the same place where Rothschenk's entrepreneurial development began many years ago. The small town in Lower Franconia in the heart of Europe is called Aub. Our experience has shown that this idyllic spot on earth has everything you need to manufacture a genuine quality product "Made in Germany".

Rothschenk is part of society in the region and a renowned employer at the same time. A responsibility that we are happy to live by. And we value it just as much as our employees, most of whom have been with us for many years. Today, just as many women and older people are involved in our production processes as we offer young employees valid prospects for the future. In a company that trains and continuously develops and knows:

It is always the people who, with their ideas, attitude, hard work and reliability, create the added value for a product that makes it attractive to its customers.


High Tech and Handmade.

High quality solutions for your load securement can only be achieved by the specific combination of manual work steps and the effective use of technology. This applies to the daily routine of transports at the customers site as well as to the manufacturing processes at Rothschenk.

High tech and handmade in balanced equilibrium. Modern tools and machines, well-trained competent employees. These are the guarantees for the proverbial Rothschenk quality "Made in Germany". As Rothschenk customers know, we are deeply committed to this. Our own high standards also include the constant optimization of production processes. For example, from the point of view of occupational safety.

High-quality load securing solutions can never be produced fully automatically. Thus, the coating of our S.A.M. by hand. That's why many Rothschenk products contain a piece of real handwork by the people in our production. We at Rothschenk are particularly proud of this.


High quality. Safe. Tested. 

We consider quality-oriented material purchasing to be an elementary component in meeting our own standards. This applies to the procurement of production resources as well as to the operating materials we use.

Only proven and/or self-tested materials have the chance to flow into Rothschenk's everyday production. Our air cushions are a good example. For their production, we use only the best PE film quality and tested, flawless PP fabric material. All other components, such as disposable or reusable valves, sewing thread or safety labels, must also meet the high standards of our purchasing department. Safety and high quality of the materials always have the highest priority.

The demand on the quality of the material sometimes leads to the point that we manufacture components ourselves. For example, to be able to guarantee the continuity of material quality for our products.

At Lashings Straps, ratchets, Anti-slip Mats and Edge ProtectionIf a product is not produced by us, Rothschenk Purchasing selects between certified goods. So that our customers always know that they can use a tested product on their transport.


Trendsetting. Flexible. Deliverable. 

Modern, forward-looking storage capacities are directly reflected in delivery reliability. Very important for customer satisfaction, which is at the top of the list in our corporate philosophy.

Rothschenk has rescaled and decisively increased its storage capacities during the expansion of the Aub site. Whether it's an increased logistics volume, increased material usage, or a short-term increase in market demand, for example due to a large order. Rothschenk can also cushion production peaks in the area of logistics, thus remaining flexible for its customers and able to deliver at short notice.

Environment & Sustainability

Resources and responsibility. 

The careful handling and efficient use of resources is also actively promoted at Rothschenk with regard to environmental protection and sustainability. From the beginning of the production chain to the delivery of the finished product to our customers. For example, we return rejects, offcuts and remnants of the films we process to our suppliers' production cycles.

The avoidance and reduction of waste is fundamentally an important topic at all Rothschenk company levels. Only truly unavoidable leftovers are disposed of properly. Rothschenk has implemented several environmental projects in recent years. A solar plant generates electricity in the order of magnitude of our own consumption. We use the thermal energy generated as a by-product from the electricity production of a neighboring company for our company heating. Rainwater is collected on our premises.

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