Areas of Application

Two-storey IBC, 3 lashing Rothschenk

Load securement in containers

Securement for IBCs, barrels, pallets and soft packaging

Our specialty. As a technology leader of container loading securement, we offer certificated system to our credo: ‚ÄěWork ‚Äď don¬īt play‚Äú.
Load securement according to shipping method

Load securement on trucks

Lashing straps, tensioning straps, tie-bars, clamping bars

Freight traffic on the road has its own dynamic. Our rapidly useable systems secure your goods reliably on all their ways.
Sprinter load securing by shipping method | Rothschenk

Load securement for transporters

Tensioning straps, lashing straps, nets

Even the "final mile" can efficiently be secured with Rothschenk . We have an extensive range of smart solutions for short distances traffic.

Automotive Industry

The safe transport of very expensive goods is a major challenge, especially in the automotive industry. We work together with numerous international automobile manufacturers.

This know how will move you too.

Our icon for the automotive industry

Beverage Industry

Transporting food products has its own rules. For transporting beverages special product and packaging forms are needed.

Our load securement systems were developed to handle the daily routine at the loading docks efficiently and reliably.

The icon of the beverage industry Rothschenk

Chemical Industry

Errors are not acceptable in the chemical industry. For us, this starts with production. We manufacture "Made in Germany" in a specially built and certified clean room with the highest requirements.

We guarantee you measurable professionalism.

Chemical Industry Rothschenk

Construction Industry

Securing heavy loads quickly and reliably is your job - every day anew. Our job is to ensure that this is particularly easy for you. Whether light insulation material or heavy building materials - we have your solution.

Certified, effective, cost-efficient - Rothschenk.

Our icon of the building industry

Metal Industry

High weights and the hardest materials pose great challenges for man and machine time and again. Our load securing guarantees the safe feeling of having everything under control.

Strong load security for every field of application.

Icon metal industry website Rothschenk

Engineering Industry

Complex constructions, often years of planning up to the final implementation. We understand that your goods are close to your heart.

We develop individual load securing exactly for your machines on request.

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Rothschenk also secures your products

What connects us? In your product there is work, know-how, investment and last but not least heart and soul. The Rothschenk professionals work every day with the same Zeal to bring your innovations safely to their destination.

IBC in container Rothschenk


You want to transport liquids in IBCs?

Our new [R] Red Lash is cost-effective - in every respect.

Two-story barrels, 3s lashing Rothschenk


Whether it is a securement of barrels on a pallet or in a bond in a container, our restraining systems have proven their reliability millions of times.
Single Tier High Wooden Boxes, 2s Lashing Rothschenk


The classic in load securement - correspondingly high is our experience and the number of perfect fitting solutions for it.
Two-tier BigBags,3sLashing Rothschenk

Soft packaging

You are not yet familiar with our new (R) Lashing Tec?

Then it's about time to revolutionize your loading situation together.

Container test

Individual solutions

You need a special solution? As a manufacturer, you get technically sophisticated and outstanding solutions first-hand from us.
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